iPod Pictured Onboard Space Shuttle Endeavour

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A TUAW reader has managed to spot an iPod onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which is currently floating around in a giant vacuum. The hawk-eyed reader spotted the iPod from official NASA photos, which showed the device, barely visible, through a cabin window. Interestingly, iPods cannot be taken into space willy-nilly. In fact, the usual lithium battery must be replaced with specially designed alkaline alternatives to ensure safety standards are met. That seems like a lot of planning to us, which is part of the reason we won't be leaving planet Earth anytime soon. Another equally valid reason is because we are not qualified astronauts. If you are having difficulty recovering from the shock of this new information, please sit down and drink some water. Jump for a zoomed out shot of the space shuttle, which indicates the founder was either very bored or has awesome Superman-like eyesight. You decide.

Illustration for article titled iPod Pictured Onboard Space Shuttle Endeavour

Hit the link to learn of other galactic fantastic Apple iPods. [TUAW]


It's possible it was sneaked on board by an astronaut or had the battery simply removed to run on the Shuttle's DC power system. It'd be a shame if it wasn't supposed to be there and the astronaut got in trouble because the 'net was like "LOL iPod!"

I remember trying to research what type of PCs they use up there, and the answer is "..."

Seriously, there is zero information out there for what kind of computers are used in space. There was a modified thinkpad, but it was ten years old and wouldn't be useful anymore.

NASA is indeed very careful about product promotion. I guess they feel that no company should have that kind of free publicity. If NASA is so cash-strapped, maybe they should slap some stickers on the side of that ship and raise us some funds. They may, however, cause a major burn-up on re-entry.

If the Russians aren't afraid of whoring out their space program, we should do the same.