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iPod Speaker System by Jean-Michel Jarre's Has Le Style

Illustration for article titled iPod Speaker System by Jean-Michel Jarres Has iLe Style/i

Jean-Michel Jarre has stopped twiddling with his synthesizer long enough to design this iPod dock/speaker system dubbed Aerosystems, and it's undeniably stylish. And un petit peu phallic. It's aimed at the top-end of the dock market, since it's specifically designed to deliver high-quality audio: the circuitry in its integrated amp is apparently clever enough to add back some of the quality that's missed by MP3 encoding, and it's got ultra-resistant glass for its enclosure. Though what that's for, other than making it sturdy enough to survive being knocked over, I'm not sure. Still, that may not be your problem: for now it's retailing in Europe for an equally sturdy $570 (€449). [BornRich and Audioporncentral]


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Why do all these mp3 docks have to be designed for iPod and ONLY iPod? Cant someone come up with a universal mp3 dock?