iPod Touch 5th Gen Teardown: Tiny, Powerful, and a Gigantic Pain in the Butt to Fix

The new iPod touch is out, so naturally it's already been cracked open for a look at its guts. The verdict? Tightly packed goodness, according to iFixit.

The iPod touch's innards are intricately laid out to make it even thinner than the iPhone 5. While you can pry off its face after blasting it with a heat gun for a few seconds, you need to do some serious damage if you want to peer at all of the connectors and boards inside. Weirdly, the touch does seem to have a "much simpler, cheaper design" to its display assembly compared to the iPhone 5. Apple claims they're the same screen, so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the downside of this assembly is.


As you'd expect, the new iPod is going to be a pain to repair. iFixit gave it a 3 out of 10—10 being the easiest. Even the iPhone 5 got a 7. Better hold onto those lanyards tight. [iFixit]

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