iPod Touch Said to Account for 38% of All iOS Devices Sold

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Last week Steve Jobs patted Apple on the back and announced that 120 million iOS devices have now been sold, but according to market research company Asymco, the iPod Touch accounts for 38 per cent of that figure.

How did Asymco arrive at that figure? It's guesswork, but they subracted the 59.6 million iPhones sold up to the end of the month of June (known because of SEC filings), and the 3.2 million iPads sold. They then figured that around 8 million iPhones and 4 million iPads were sold by Apple between July and August, resulting in 45.2 million unexplained iOS sales—which have been fingered as iPod Touch sales, and 37.7 per cent of that figure Jobs boasted of.


We do know that the iPod Touch is Apple's most successful iPod to date, having taken over from the iPod Nano, but Jobs' claim that "the iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portable game players combined. It's been amazing" isn't looking quite so accurate after casting your eye over PSP and DS sales, as Fortune summed up neatly. [Asymco via AppleInsider and MacRumors]

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Et tu Gizmodo? It was clear as day when Jobs said that "The iPod touch outsells DS and PSP combined now", using the present tense, that he meant "current" sales––not sales-to-date.

Obviously, I can't verify the accuracy of that, but the Fortune article clearly states that that is more than likely true.

So the question is, what's up with English comprehension of so many people?