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iPods Still Exist and Apple Just Upgraded Them All

Illustration for article titled iPods Still Exist and Apple Just Upgraded Them All

Forgetting that iPods existed until just this moment, Apple just quietly updated its iPod lineup bringing the iPod Touch up-to-date with its current iPhone hardware. That means an improved A8 chip (compared to the old A5) and an 8-megapixel camera just like the iPhone 6.


The sixth-generation iPod Touch also comes with the M8 coprocessor, which means you can do all the fancy fitness tracking that an iPhone 6 can also do. The available colors are blue, pink, red, silver, space grey, and gold and start at $199 for 16GB and works its way up to a brand new 128 GB option for $400.

Also the Shuffle and Nano get a little bit of love too with the same new color options.

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So if it has the same processors, same cameras, etc as the iPhone 6, and costs $200 compared to the phone’s $650, what does that extra $450 get you? Are they really charging more than tripple just to add the CDMA/HSPA/LTE etc. radios?