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This week at iLounge: We got to play with a few new accessories, like the DLO HomeDock Music Remote. The three-line screen on its remote was useful, but not as useful as it could have been due to limited browsing options. We also checked out Elgato Systems' Turbo.264 Video Encoder Hardware, but deferred on giving it a final rating because of a problem with the USB dongle's software. We found the iHome iH8 Dual Alarm Clock Radio to be pretty much what we expected: a slightly stripped-down version of the iH7 at a lower price. Finally, the Mophie Bevy served its multiple functions, but with limited success.


While the TV series "Lost" just ended its third season, the new game for the iPod that is based on the hit show feels like it got cancelled halfway through. The game also completes the "Lost" iPod/iTunes quinfecta, making it the only franchise on the service with a game, TV show, podcast, audiobook and soundtrack. We also got our first looks at several products this week, including the Mondo Mint Digital Music Station DMS300, a sharp-looking iPod speaker system with wireless capabilities, as well as Memorex's iTrek Portable Speaker for iPod, which is available with or without a carrying case. We got our mitts on the entire iStyles 2007 Sleeve Collection, which offered a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors, and the iStitch Customizable Protective Slip-on Cover for iPod nano, a hand-stitched novelty iPod case.

In the News: iPhone-mania remained strong this week, with AT&T pushing their rebranding of Cingular forward to take advantage of the iPhone launch. Leaked screenshots, supposedly from AT&T's internal system, showed prepaid plans for the iPhone, and a telco analyst claimed the iPhone will be released on June 20. Verizon's COO claimed their answer for the device is coming in late summer. It turned out the iPhone really is patented, and 90 percent of phone owners found the iPhone superior to their own handsets. YouTube videos finally found their way onto Apple TVs, Paul McCartney's back catalog has yet to make it on to iTunes, and an iPod Amnesty Bin was found at Zune HQ.

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