iRiver Clix Video Walkthrough

As promised, here is a video of the iRiver Clix demonstrating how the actual "clix" works along with an interface tour. Pardon the partial blurriness—my camera was set to "amateur pornography" mode and I forgot to turn it off.

iRiver Clix Unboxed, Groped [Gizmodo]
2nd Generation iRiver Clix Now Available [Gizmodo]


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I agree. Nice review though. The Nano looks like a beggar that's getting free cameos for little reason. "Big on cases" I understand though. I lost interest in "click" devices back when I had my Intellivision controller where the clicking part popped an split.

I didn't think the iPod's missed much with radios only being an accessory, but letting people explicitly RECORD from the radio is a smooth one I didn't think makers would do. Now that that's gaining momentum, Apple could introduce it and point out that its not at ALL out in front. Seeing how Sirius got slapped, I'd just assumed it was "off-road" for terrestrial radio too.

The nano screen would be ridiculous for video though. It'll be interesting to see the next gen Nano if they can throw in some of what the clix is doing, and still keep the form factor and price point.

Best of luck to iRiver. They're definitely holding it down... even if they have to use two hands (bleh).