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The iRiver E10 (middle) has lots of functionality, from supporting MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG files to video playback to acting as a remote control. The only problem comes from getting your songs onto the device itself using the iRiver Plus 2 software. It stinks. Compared to iTunes or Windows Media Player, it's unresponsive and lacking in features. The good news is you can drag songs onto the player without the software, so OS X and Linux are also supported along with Windows XP. The bad news is transferring music this way makes the E10 not able to sort the songs by Album or Artist. Bummer.


The controls are intuitive, with the four arrow buttons in front, hold and volume buttons on the side. The Flash Lite 2.0 interface means you can download new themes for the UI from their website or create your own. The Flash UI also means there are flash games you can play, again, downloaded from their site.

All in all, the player has good battery life at 28 hours, has a neat universal TV remote capability and does 15FPS video playback at 128x128 resolution. FM radio and microphone for voice recording round out the package.


iriver E10 - MP3, Video, Flash & TV Remote [Everything USB]

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