iRiver X20 Widescreen Video Player Manhandled

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CNet Asia has a pre-release sample of the iRiver X20, a widescreen portable media player that holds up the tradition of fine iRiver products. The screen on this baby is 2.2-inches and sharp as a rusty tack in your foot.


The scrollwheel, however, is a little small. But the microSD card (why not just SD?), MPEG4/WMV support, FM radio, and great sound quality make up for its shortcomings. Although it's too late to fix the scrollwheel for its February launch, everything else seems to be in order. It's no (theoretical) widescreen iPod, or even Creative Zen Vision W, since 4GB of memory won't be holding many videos.

iriver X20 [CNet Asia]

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What's with all these baby PMPs? Doesn't everyone care that 60GB PMPs like the Zen Vision W can hold 86 movies (more than 120 when resized for the 480x272 wide-screen) (60GB divided by 700MB) while players like the clix or X20 can only hold 6? (a 1GB clix is worse: only ONE.)