Iron Man New Full Trailer Shows Why It's Going to be the Best Hi-Tech Superhero Movie Ever

I don't know about you, but any trailer that starts with the greatest gadget genius of all time having a morning whisky on the rocks, while traveling through the desert in a Humvee to the beat of AC/DC's Back In Black, says to me: BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER. Which is precisely what you can see in the new Iron Man full trailer, along with everything you would expect Robert Downey Jr's perfect Tony Stark to do, from tinkering with his armor while mixing cocktails to playing with a multitouch holographic display to crashing through his amazing mansion on the edge of a cliff (Bruce Wayne is a wimp) to kissing the redheaded goddess that is Gwyneth Paltrow playing Virginia "Pepper" Potts, his personal assistant. Best quotes ever and poll, after the jump.

Tony Stark (to army driver): "Good God, you are a woman."

Tony Stark: "Yeah. I can fly."

Computer: "Sir, the upgrade is complete" (talking about the new armor)
Tony Stark: "Tell you what. Put a little hot rod red in there."

Tony Stark (to Virginia Potts, while fitting his armor): "Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you caught me doing."


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JasonPoll concept courtesy of Jason Chen (who is a Batman fan; nobody is perfect.) [IGN]



The last trailer had me planning to see this opening night. So I'm not sure what this trailer can change for me. If there was a way to sneak into the theater and steal the reels, I suppose, that's what I want to do now. Having no real experience with the Iron Man legacy, this is now one of my most-anticipated films in many years. Looks absolutely brilliant.