Is Amazon Launching its Own Tablet? And App Store for Android?

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TechCrunch is hearing that Amazon's readying not just an app store for the Android platform, but also a tablet.

Supposedly the same source who tipped them off on the app store also mentioned the tablet, which makes TechCrunch more trusting as they've been able to corroborate the app store with other people now.

Nothing is known about the Amazon tablet, such as whether it would be a Kindle tablet (and download Kindle ebooks) or if the two lines will be kept very separate from one another. Considering Amazon already allows for ebook downloads on Android and iPhone, they'd be crazy not to merge their already-successful brand with a new tablet line.


As to whether that tablet will be running Android or their own-developed software like the Kindle runs on, is anyone's guess. But my gut feeling is Android, like I'm sure yours is too.

TechCrunch has heard several tidbits about the US-only Android app store, mostly about the level of restrictions woven into the code. Just like with Apple's iOS developer scheme, it will cost $99 for a developer to sign up to create apps for Amazon's app store, and if a particular app is also available on other app stores—such as the Android Market, or iOS App Store, when the app is updated on those other platforms it must be mirrored on the Amazon store too.


While that will be a bee in many developers' bonnets, it's potentially good news for users, and will hopefully send out a positive message about the ills of fragmentation.

Several other caveats have also been mentioned, which TechCrunch goes into over on their post here. [TechCrunch and TechCrunch]