Is It OK to Talk on Your Phone When You're at the Checkout?

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The UK media is weirdly ablaze this morning over a story about a store attendant who flipped out when a customer refused to stop talking on her phone while at the checkout. But is that rude, or is it now socially acceptable?

According to the customer, a 26-year-old Jo Clarke, the store assistant barked “I will not check your shopping out until you get off your mobile phone." It could be argued that both of them were being a little rude, but whose side are you on? [Gizmodo UK]

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Broken Machine

When I worked in retail, I would not interact with people on their phones. If I was helping someone out (a favor, I was not employed to be on the floor), and they answered their phone and said ANYTHING other than "can I call you right back", I would walk away. Not a rude response to anyone but the most ridiculous, self-important assholes, I would get a kick out of the complaints.

What I find more rude is people that push their germ-encrusted phone in your face to speak to their mom/dad/son/daughter/husband/wife. Apparently, "I'm sorry, I prefer to use my workplace phone, can you have him/her call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx" generates more complaints than walking away from a customer.