These leaked photos of the ZuneX (ZX-1000) may or may not be Microsoft's handheld device that combines the Zune with the Xbox. But we do have specs. And it may be a phone.

Advertisement's got a grainy shot from a conference that may or may not be real, a shot of a guy holding a ZuneX in his hand that looks more photoshopped than not, and a list of specs:

• 4-inch display at 640x363 resolution
• Custom Intel LV Atom DualCore 733MHz processor
• Custom Nvidia BLowFish chipset
• 128MB RAM
• 40 hour music, 14 hours of video, 9 hours of gaming and 6 hours of gaming with the wireless on
• 4 analog buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, an analog stick attachment
• 32GB flash storage
• Support for Bluetooth headphones
SIM Card tray (it's a phone! Maybe!)
• Xbox Live Arcade Games
• ZuneX Originals
• OnLive Ready game streaming (now we're just getting a little ridiculous)
• WMV, H.264, MPEG-4 and DivX support

It's still solidly in rumor territory and will probably stay that way until at least E3. If we had to judge from the specs, it's slightly too good to be true. As if someone NOT working at Microsoft wrote up their dream specs for a handheld. [Mimbee via Lusogamer via TeamXbox]


Update: BenM sends in this image that says it's a fake.


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