Is That Movie You're Seeing Real or Fake 3D?

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3D movies increasingly the norm nowadays, whether you love it or hate it (hate it). But however you feel about it, did you know that there are varying levels of 3D quality? For the discerning types, there is a convenient website that separates the real-deal, shot-in-3D flicks from the imposters that fake it.

Some of the outright fakers found at Real or Fake 3D include:

G.I. Joe Retaliation
Iron Man 3
Man of Steel
Star Trek Into Darkness

And some non-fakers?

The Great Gatsby
Monsters University
Jack the Giant Slayer
Life of Pi

It's true, movies that are shot on 3D cameras are usually—plot notwithstanding—much more pleasing to watch than movies that were simply converted to 3D after-the-fact. You might be surprised, given how prevalent the technology is, just how many movies are not actually "real" 3D after all. [Real or Fake 3D via The Dissolve]


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Charlie B. Sharenative

Booo, Pacific Rim is Fake 3D!! So much for going to Imax (which near me is firmly on the 3D bandwagon, cheapo polarized glasses and all). Wouldn't it be great if the people who wanted 3D could get it in the same showing as the normal flat screen?

Seriously, after like 20 minutes, I don't even notice it and I don't care. It doesn't make average movies better (that's Imax's job).