Is the Amazon Logo a Penis?

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Amazon has been using its current logo for 18 years. The online retailer started using the logo in June 2000, shortly after it expanded beyond selling books. The logo shows the company’s name, with an arrow that points from the “A” to the “Z” in the name.


The design is supposed to convey that it sells everything from A to Z. To me, it conveys a penis. And I am far from the first person to notice this.

Amazon did not respond to a Gizmodo request for comment on its logo’s semblance to a penis.


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Waaaay back I was a very early employee for Amazon. One day they called an all hands meeting. We all assembled in the warehouse facing a makeshift stage. At this point Amazon only had their Sodo warehouse and the offices near Belltown. There were about 400 or so of us. Some mucky mucks introduced the Marketing team who then began to introduce a new logo concept the were going to roll out. After some hype they unveiled, “amazOn”. Yes, Amazon with a big letter “O”. We sort of looked on in stunned silence as they began a pitch calling it, and I am not kidding, The Big O. The idea was that the O was through which the river of books (because we only sold books at that time) flowed through. Then they asked for feedback. My coworker raised her hand and said, “Are you seriously making a reference to the Big O?” It took a few beats but you could see they realization dawn on their faces. They sort of stumbled with the question and the meeting was over. Needless to say that idea never saw the light of day. Then the current boner logo came to fruition.