Is This a Refreshed iPad 3 With a Lightning Port?

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We've already heard rumors that Tuesday's Apple event will include not only the fabled iPad Minis, but a refreshed version of the big guy, perhaps with new internals, and a lightning port. This maybe could be it, maybe. And who doesn't love to speculate?


The picture goes back to, and like all pictures of the sort, could totally have been faked. Even so, this picture lines up with the prevailing rumors, and it only makes sense that Apple would want to make the new lightning connector as prevalent as possible as fast as possible, even if it means a weird half-gen iPad refresh. A new new iPad, if you will. That said, they've never done anything half-gen before, so there's no precedent for this kind of new model.

Whether or not Apple will leave the 30-pin connection to languish on the current version of one of their leading products for a little longer is something we'll just have to wait and find out. There is some suspicious stuff in this picture. The Apple logo on the back looks like it's surrounded by a lighter square so—you haven't already gotten the point—don't count on this. It's just one more thing to place your bets on before Tuesday rolls around. [ via 9to5Mac]


Tony Kaye ⌨

What's up with the square around the Apple logo? Looks a bit strange to me.