Is This DJI's New Drone?


The hobby drone world is all aflutter this week as DJI prepares to unleash its latest creation onto the world: the Inspire 1. And just like Apple fanboys, they're eagerly seeking out leaks. The latest images look, well, pretty real.


The quadcopter in question is black and white and shaped like an "H." Quadcopter Guide also identifies what appears to be a three-axis gimbal. Apparently that gimbal will hold a DJI-made 4K camera which is an insane amount of resolution for an eye in the sky. It's especially exciting to see such a big upgrade over the DJI's highly popular Phantom series. Here it is in the air:

One of the pictures appears to show the controller. It has two antennas, but probably doesn't tell us much about the final, since it might just be used for testing.


The same goes for the drone itself which looks a little bit flimsy, especially compared to the tiny peeks of the chassis DJI released a few days ago.

All that said, the basic design of the drone does indeed resemble a design that DJI submitted to the FCC recently. But do the photos show the same drone? Do they show a DJI drone at all? We'll know on November 12, when DJI makes the official announcement. [Quadcopter Guide]


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