Is This How a Google Tablet Will Look in Action?

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It seems that we're getting a first peek at what a Google Chrome OS based tablet may look like. Glen Murphy, Google Chrome's designer, posted this UI concept video along with some images on Google's official Chromium site.


There are several things to keep in mind about this mockup though. For starters, it's only intended as a "visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware." Google Chrome OS is not tied to a single device as far as we know. This would mean that there wouldn't have to be just one single Google tablet such as the concept shown in the video. Whenever we do get to hold a Google tablet, it could be an entirely different experience from what were being teased with right now. [Chrome Source via TechCrunch]



Guaranteed all the obnoxious iPad trash talkers will be the same ones praising this Google tablet when its announced.

Even though a Chrome OS tablet will just be basically an iPad that only runs Safari, and nothing else. No native applications, only a web browser and web apps. Yet the fanboys will beat off to the fact that the Chrome tablet runs flash and doesn't have an Apple logo on its back.

And they'll probably be claiming that its the "iPad killer," but if the iPad was as shitty as they had claimed, then it shouldn't need to "kill" the iPad right? iPad shouldn't need a killer if it sucked as much as the fanboys want you to believe. Just like the iPhone all over again.