Is This Samsung's Phone-Powered VR Headset?

Illustration for article titled Is This Samsung's Phone-Powered VR Headset?

The Verge reports that the boxy set of goggles with a controller above is the rumored VR rig that Samsung's supposedly been prepping. If so, it looks way more serious than the leaked schematics we'd seen before. Looks like its primed to fit the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


According to The Verge, the headset controller pair codenamed Project Moonlight would turn a smartphone display into a head-mounted screen for virtual reality and other immersive video-based experiences. We'll reportedly see the new hardware in a few weeks during Samsung's IFA keynote presentation.

What's surprising about the supposed Project Moonlight leak is how heavy duty the hardware looks. We don't know how exactly those lenses work bit that they're as big as they are is promising. It also looks comfortably cushioned. It resembles the 7-inch tablet mount developed for Google's Project Tango tablet.

Until now we've been hearing that Samsung's "Gear VR" would be little more than a plastic version of the Google Cardboard experiment launched at Google I/O. But more than just simply a device that lets you strap a phone to your face what we're seeing here looks to be a real contender that could give VR superpower Oculus a run. [The Verge]



Sometimes I think we're approaching Ghost In The Shell level of technology too fast for our own good. VR on the go sounds rad, though.