Is This The First Google Plus User?

Low user numbers are like nerd badges of honor. My five digit Twitter user number, and single digit Upcoming user number are bigger deals to me than my highest test scores. So who was Google's Plus' O.G. user?

Brian White, a program manager on Google's search quality team (read: the ones who do the heavy lifting that everything else depends on) may have figured it out.

The keyword here is may.

By looking at Google's robots.txt file—the file that tells search engines what not to index—and then doing some further digging based on that, White dug up what looks like Google's user number one. Or at least, a user from the first batch. He calls it Profile Zero.


Meet Raj Pudota?

Some caveats: The list of URLs White dug up could be a grouping, rather than an ordered list. And depending on how they're sorted, or exported, it could be nothing more than one of many. What you're looking at here is evidence, not proof. It could be like the first grain of sand that hits the ground from a dump truck full of the stuff.

Or, you know, the first person to re-report someone else's original research.

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Snake Charmer

Heck... I'm proud to be an owner of a 6 letter AOL screen name, with no numbers! In fact, I just checked my email for the first time since the world wide web came along. Ten million, six hundred and fifty eight thousand, two hundred and thirty two messages. All spam.

Yeah! I said AOL.