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Is This the Least Elegant Soundbar Ever?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Least Elegant Soundbar Ever?

Sometimes, you don't want your technology sleek, discreet and refined: you want it big, tough and purposeful instead. So if the recent glut of streamlined soundbars isn't to your taste, how about this burly sound box instead?


Proficient Audio's new MaxTV MT2 speaker box is designed to have a TV sat on top of it and, capable of supporting up to 160 pounds, that can be quite a lot of TV. Its collection of purposefully uncovered speakers—two 1-inch tweeters, four 2.5-inch mid-range speakers and two 5.25-inch, down-facing subs—can pump out the soundtrack to whatever macho (action?) film you happen to watch, driven by four internal 20-watt, two-channel digital amps.


There's also built-in Bluetooth support for audio streaming, so you can beam tunes to the thing. It costs $600—which seems a little steep, but then, it is built like a tank. [Proficient Audio via Engadget]

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Built like a tank... with the humans sitting on the outside. Exposed speakers? Really?