Is This the Mistress Who Took Down the CEO of Best Buy? (Updated)

Brian Dunn was the CEO of America's largest seller of electronics, making over $10 million a year, until he was forced out for spending company money to cheat on his wife with a coworker. Is this the digital dame?

The trail begins with Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Thomas Lee, at the forefront of the story's coverage, who accidentally tweeted the telltale name in an attempt to track down Dayna Cline, a low-level employee at Best Buy corporate. It was supposed to be a direct message to Dunn. Big mixup!

@briandunn BBY employee Dayna Cline. Is this true? Contact me at or 612-202-2307.


Lee quickly deleted the tweet, as did the couple of people who retweeted it. Unfortunately for all involved, nothing is ever really deleted. The woman above is 29-year-old Dayna Cline, a Texas native who now resides in Minnesota nearby Best Buy HQ. A source who had previously worked at Best Buy gave us the lowdown on Cline's odd position within the company:

[Another coworker] said he was shocked it was her... said she was a nice girl, maybe making only $15 an hour, and that she sat right outside Dunn's office...

the StarTribune story said she worked for Best Buy's Leadership Institute, which has its main presence on the first floor of the HQ building — at least that's where all the classrooms are... so I guess I don't understand why she would have sat at a desk near the CEO's office...

I can think of one reason low-paid underling would have a seat outside the CEO's office. Or maybe it's a chicken and egg thing. She also got to meet Rihanna! Lots of perks. At any rate, Cline's online presence is scant—no signs of life from her Facebook account or LinkedIn, both of which are locked down. It's likely both she and Dunn are keeping a very, very low profile now that Best Buy has brought in a special team to investigate Dunn's conduct, including allegations of spending company money on Ms. Cline.


More as it comes—but it looks like those blue polos were a little appealing beyond their intended design!


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Update: A former Best Buy corporate contractor hit me up with more details, confirming Cline's employment and prime location in the office:

Dayna Cline did have a admin's assistant role with the Leadership Institute at BBY. Her desk was stationed centrally located outside the boardroom, the leadership institute, and the executive offices.


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