Is This the Outside of the Apple Tablet?

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As far as hardware goes, the size, the look, and the configuration of the apparent unibody-ish backside of the tablet all make sense. The original photos were yanked almost immediately—very interesting—but not before we saved them.


The photos showed up on a message board on Chinese website Weiphone, and give a clear view of the rear of the device. These look like leaks from a component manufacturer (or as one commenter suspects, a radiation testing facility. UPDATE: Reader Hector confirms that's it's "an optical measuring system, a so-called 3D digitizer," and that the test setup looks "absolutely authentic."), so we're not seeing the whole product here, just one of its constituent parts—remember, Apple doesn't actually manufacture hardware, so plenty of people outside of the company have seen bits and pieces of this thing. Anyway, this may be our tablet:

We've probably seen the screen and one piece of software, and now we've just as probably seen what the exterior looks like. That is, one part iPhone, three parts Unibody MacBook, eight parts new. There's almost certain a spot for a rocker switch, one for a headphone jack, and another for what could be either a power button or (!!!) an HDMI or USB port. There doesn't appear to be a rear-facing camera, but that'd have been a little weird anyway.

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I must say. Love or hate all of this tablet coverage, the commenter turnout triples when the hype machine starts buzzing about a totally new kind of Apple product. Admittedly, as much as I've been establishing my overall indifference to the Apple tablet, I now feel myself enjoying the anticipation of whatever Apple actually sets loose, bordering on fanboyesque excitement.

These pictures certainly give me more hope for this thing, as I see what looks like a video out identical to the Macbooks, at least one USB port, and what appears to be an SD slot. I hope those things are real.