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News of the Treo 670 has barely heated up, and already there's a rumor about the Treo 700. Cool Tech Times shows a really convincing photograph of what it purports to be the Treo 700. Apparently it'll have a 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, and will have EVDO capability โ€” which is good news for CDMA users at Sprint and Verizon (EVDO is known as Evolution Data Only, and is the wireless broadband protocol of choice for CDMA networks). The design looks amazingly drool-a-licious what with its smooth contours and rounded edges. Though news of it supporting EVDO doesn't bode well for its GSM future (we're hoping otherwise though), we're fervently hoping that this isn't a Photoshop hoax, and that this is the Real Deal.

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