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Is This the Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini?

When we found out Samsung was making a mini version of the Galaxy S III we got excited... and then we were disappointed because it was so boring. If these leaked photos are true, it looks like we'll be disappointed again because even though the S IV Mini has a svelte body and not ginormous 4.3-inch screen, the S IV Mini will have neutered specs compared to the big brother full size Galaxy S IV. Boo.


Why can't normal sized phones (pretty cool that 4.3-inch is normal now!) be as good as their giant brothers? The leaked photos and information, which is from SamMobile, says that the S IV Mini uses a 1.6GHz dual-core processor instead of the full figured S IV's 1.9GHz quad core beast. Also, the screen on the Mini only has 256ppi compared to 441ppi on the adult version. Small phones are just kid toys now. [Sam Mobile via Verge]

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I'm convinced that they scale these smaller devices back because of lack of battery. Driving a 4.3" 1080p screen (Do they even have those?) coupled with a large (die size?) quad core processor leaves barely any room for a battery without making the device significantly thicker.