Is Your Nokia Lumia 920's Battery Draining Too Fast?

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According to the folks populating the WPCentral forums, Nokia's new flagship Lumia 920 is having some pretty serious battery issues.

There's been a glut of users reporting in that their 920 is draining its entire charge in just a few hours. Others, though, are reporting no difference from the very good battery life we and other sites saw during review. Some comments, though, seem to indicate the issues will clear up if you condition the battery with full discharges and charges. Anecdotally, I've been using Gizmodo's 920 for a few days, and battery life has been just fine. But if your phone is overheating and burning out in a few hours, you're probably pretty upset.

So are we just lucky? Is anyone who bought a Lumia 920 experiencing this? Let us know in the discussion. [WPCentral]

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Sam Biddle

I found the battery life on the 920 to be pretty terrific. Way better than iPhone 5.