It’s Time to Pay Attention to Mobile Security for Your Android

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It seems like not a day goes by without a report of some new cyber security threat. That's why, earlier this year, researchers at ESET predicted that mobile malware and localized attacks on modem platforms were some of the most important tech trends for consumers to stay conscious of.

Since Android has become the dominant platform in the mobile market, hackers have begun to set their sites on its vulnerabilities. Android malware first appeared in 2010, but the number of variants didn't take off until late 2011, setting up 2012 as a year for proliferation. Now, with these types of attacks becoming increasingly commonplace, phone security has gone beyond the threat of losing the device itself, and become focused on protecting the valuable information stored inside said device.

ESET's Mobile Security for Android offers essential features to help safeguard your phone from attack, like antivirus, antispam, and anti-theft protection—all the while preserving your phone's performance and battery life. Below are some of the ways ESET's Mobile Security for Android can protect your device:

Anti-theft System—remote control over phone-stored data
Remote Lock—prevent unauthorized access to your phone's data
Device Finder—locate your lost or stolen phone on a map
Remote Wipe—clear all personal information and restore phone to factory settings
Password Reset—reset your password in case you forget it
Buddy Alert—a contact can remotely reset your password after an SMS alert if any unauthorized SIM card is inserted into your phone


ESET's Mobile Security for Android is built on the same great engine as ESET's award-winning security products for PCs and Macs. Find out more here or download safely from Google Play.

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