It Takes Balls Of Steel To Play This Sequencer

While talent isn't required to play Alkex Instruments unique eight-step sequencer, you will need a set of steel balls to lay down the beats. Forty-eight steel balls, to be exact, which trigger the optical sensors the machine uses in place of physical buttons.

The Ball Beats sequencer's interface looks like one of those labyrinth marble mazes, with an 8x6 grid of holes cut into a see-through plastic panel. But instead of navigating a half-inch steel ball between the obstacles, every hole you fill triggers a specific sample or sound effect. Since the Ball Beats works as a standard midi trigger, the sounds that are produced are completely dependent on what software you have it connected to.

The $199 kit comes with fifty steel balls (enough to fill the grid with a couple of spares) and the required interface hardware to make it work with your PC or electronic instruments. As for the Daft Punk levels of fame and fortune? That part's up to you. [Alkex Instruments via The Verge]

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I'm not sure who came up with this metal balls meme but it's fairly ironic. Whereas we use "Brass Balls" or "Balls of Steel" to imply someone is quite manly, if the indeed did have their balls replaced by some metal prosthesis they would be little more then eunuchs, not a very manly connotation.

Fun-tip: Next time someone claims to have Brass Balls or Balls of Steel, quote them some Jack Sparrow. "Are you a Eunuch?"