It's a Flashlight! It's a Doorknob! It's Both! It's Not Real...

Illustration for article titled Its a Flashlight! Its a Doorknob! Its Both! Its Not Real...

Glowing—sorry, sorry, going one step further than the last glowing door-handle we saw, the LEDoorHandle concept lets you unscrew the handle in emergencies when you don't have another torch to hand. [Yanko via GadgetReview via Freshome]


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The Stig's graphic designer cousin

Ideas to make V2 more betters:

A) The strip on the the outside could be luminescent tape/paint, and the power source could be a magnet inside a wire wrapped tube, with a capacitor. Shake the flashlight, creating an electrical charge, which is stored in the capacitor. when the charge runs out, shake it again.

B) leave some sort of remnant or mount on the door handle so that it could still be used to, you know, open the door, when the flashlight is removed.