Welcome to the dystopian disco future in The Apple, where the evil Mr. Boogalow of Boogalow International Music (BIM) has mind-controlled the masses to be evil pop music worshipers. An innocent folk duo from Saskatchewan (with real Canadian prairie accents!) are drawn into his glittery spell, and the girl half of the duo, Bibi, becomes a BIM slave. Here, Boogalow explains his philosophy of life in this song, called "I Know How to be a Master." Yes, it is really called that. And yes they are all wearing shiny silver triangles on their heads because it's the BIM logo.

I can't possibly do more justice to the movie than the DVD box description:

When folk singers Alphie and Bibi enter the World Vision song contest, their wholesome appeal catches the evil eye of music mogul Mr. Boogalow, a Faustian field who promises the pair fame and fortune. Seduced by Boogalow's devilish denizens, Bibi surrenders her soul and soon becomes a superstar . . . and a pawn in Boogalow's plot to take over the planet with the power of pop music! Now, Alphie must fre Bibi from Boogalow . . . and save the world from rock-and-roll ruin!

The Apple