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It's About Damn Time Skype's Coming to the iPad

It's kinda weird Skype didn't have an iPad app but the wait's just about over. There's no official release date yet, but it should be in the app store "soon."


Skype VP Rick Osterloh said the app will have most of the functionality of the desktop version, like chatting, audio and video calling, but a few features didn't make it—most notably, file sharing. He also said that Apple never hassled them about offering a FaceTime competitor. They were actually supportive. (That said, eat it FaceTime, not everybody I know owns Apple products.)

Skype says they're not quite on the baked-in level of Twitter, but they're "always interested in deeper integration." Yeah, that'll happen. A Microsoft-owned service that competes with Apple's own videochat with deep hooks in an Apple operating system. Sure. [TUAW via Techmeme]

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I have the ASUS transformer and my Skype cant do Video or it lacks the Video button is there an alternative ? thanks