Perfect for DSLR photographers who have to shoot for a while before they're able to back their shots up to a PC, a Japanese company called Amulet has developed a 64GB compact flash card that can function as a RAID. So it essentially gives you 32GB of storage, and the peace of mind that your shots are—in a manner of speaking—backed up.

According to Amulet's website, by redundantly writing your data to two different areas of the card at the same time, there's considerably less risk of losing your photos if there's a random write error. However, should you lose the card, or if it becomes physically damaged, then both copies of your data are kaput, so think of this more as an in-the-field backup option, than a permanent one.


The cards will be available in a couple of weeks in 64/32GB and 32/16GB capacities (pricing TBD) and each feature a switch allowing you to turn the RAID functionality off so you can maximize your storage and live life on the edge. [Amulet via Impress Watch via DPreview]

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