It's About Time the Nintendo Switch Got a Real Streaming Video App

Image: Gizmodo

Since it’s release, the Switch has been a dedicated gaming machine. But that wasn’t necessarily by choice; there just weren’t any other apps available for Nintendo’s hybrid console. However, that’s about to change now that the Switch is getting Hulu, sometime this week.


Hulu should be available as a download from Nintendo’s eShop after the next update, which could happen as early as tonight at midnight EST. This should help beef up the Switch’s credibility when its come to being a full-fledged media box, although with other major streaming video apps like Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube and others yet to appear, the Switch’s app library still looks pitiful next to what’s available on the PS4 or Xbox One.

But the potential has always been there, as earlier this summer, the NicoNico app (Japan’s equivalent to YouTube) made its debut on the Switch—but only for people who bothered to create a Japanese eShop account.

The Switch has been out since March, and eight months is a significant time to wait for big companies to finally get around to releasing apps on the Switch. And unlike Netflix, Hulu doesn’t have a system for saving videos and watching them offline. So if you’re planning on catching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer during a plane flight or bus ride, you better make sure there’s Wi-Fi.


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The Switch needs more Plex.