Breaking our ongoing coverage on long iPhone waiting lines at Apple Stores all over the country, there are now some confusing reports about three anonymous guys waiting in front of an AT&T store, located in some beige one-storey mall in suburban America. "We're glad we are the first three", one of them declared, "but at some point we want to feel validated that we aren't the first three out of three total customers."

The three friends couldn't really understand what is all the deal about Apple Store waiting lines in New York, lasting now for four days. Still, they share some of their pain: "it downpoured about 3 hours ago and although I'm glad it still not raining, the mosquitos are out in full force." Thankfully, the patient future owner of the fabled JesusPhone is waiting for his friend Hadley to join him so he "can run to the car and get some Bugspray."


Their story is one of courage and utter boredom, specially when the mall shut its lights down yesterday: "my momentum fell flat on its face around 3:30 AM. Zach and I played a nasty game of 4 deck Uno and then the mall turned off the lights." Still, despite all this adversity, they managed to get some useful piece of information: "I couldn't get terribly close for the picture but I saw i with my own eyes: the Apple iPhone displays are running on Dells!"

God Bless you, Sir. God Bless you.

T-12: It's Dawn [iPhone Matters - apparently it does]