It's Humpday, When Two Straight Dudes Get Together to Make a Gay Porno

HUMP!, the amateur porn festival hosted by The Stranger and Dan Savage, is revving up in Seattle this week. Amateur porn may not be known for great filmmaking, but it's inspired a pretty great film in Humpday, which you should definitely watch this Wednesday.


The absurd premise aside—two old college buddies get into a weird masculinity contest and dare each other into making a gay porno for HUMP!—Humpday is actually an exquisitely sensitive portrait of an old friendship.

Ben is the straight arrow; he's married, trying to have a baby. Into this domestic bubble saunters Andrew with his scraggly beard and whatever attitude. The two guys haven't seen each other in years, but there's still a competitive edge to their relationship. As Humpday walks through the steps of their reunion, it somehow makes their decision to film a gay porno together make total emotional sense. It's a keen and funny portrait of two grown men who are not really grown.


And there's not really any porn in Humpday. Sorry, I hope that's not what you were looking for.

Humpday is streaming on Amazon, and it's free if you're a Prime subscriber.

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I am amazed; nay, /appalled/, that you would call that premise absurd...

I know too many guys who would talk themselves into a mess like that.

Never said they were smart...