It's Never Too Early To Camp Out For Black Friday...Right?

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People have been camping out at Best Buy for Black Friday 2010 since last Wednesday. But don't laugh too hard. Best Buy gave them free iPads for being the "First Family of Black Friday".


The couple in the picture is Lorie and Ryan Davenport and they're camping out at a Best Buy near the Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida. They've been there since Wednesday (Black Friday is a week away still) and Best Buy thinks they're the first Black Friday 2010 campers in the nation. And though they're incredibly thankful for the free iPad, they find the free time more enjoyable:

"We're so thankful for the iPads, but we'll probably only go on them when we're alone waiting. The whole purpose is to get caught up, so we do things together like talk, play chess and play cards."


The Davenports actually teamed up with another couple (who spell them during the night shift) and are saving spots for 10 friends in their quest to be first. But why the rush? Because there's one guy who's been beating them every year for the past 6 years (we're hoping it's not Greg Packer). The Davenports decided that this year, they weren't going to lose to him. They didn't


I love the all around wonkiness that Black Friday brings out of people but the absolute kicker in this story is that the Davenports don't even know what they're going to buy yet. [Tampa Bay Online via J-walk blog via Neatorama]