It's Never Too Late to Build a Technological Tombstone of Terror for Halloween

This post isn't so much a DIY one as it is inspiration for all you tinkerer's in the audience to really deck out those front porches with insane scratch-built projects for the Trick-or-Treaters on Monday.


Today's inspiration is Halloween Forums member Havoc 1919 (yes! a forum for the night of fright! They exist). Using th ever-useful pink insulation foam, pre-cut scroll work, wooded props and some impressive graphics and green laser work, he created this, the Technological Tombstone of Terror.

The back-lit skull is especially impressive, and the effect was created using a small mirror attached to a DC motor and a green laser diode. Then there's the fog machine. Better still, the project is documented. Fun for everyone (who enjoys DIY). [Adafruit via MAKE]



Off Topic: Is that an Ariel Atom in the back?!

On Topic: How did he get the liquid effect with the Laser?