It's September, 2038. What's the biggest news coming down the feeds?

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Science fiction author and livewriting fiend MCM is back with a new novel, Typhoon. He's livewriting a sequel at the end of November, and he wants your help. Suggest a futuristic news item, and go down in literary history!

MCM is the creator of awesome scifi kids show Rollbots, and he loves nothing more than writing an entire novel in one weekend. Last year he did a livewriting event on io9 where readers supplied him with ideas for what to incorporate into his novel The New Real while he wrote it.

So here's the deal. You post an idea in comments, using the prompt "Something big in the news in September, 2038." Anything goes.


In a week, MCM will pick the winners, who will get free print copies of Typhoon (which went on sale today). And here's the cool part. MCM says, "Their suggestions would be incorporated into Polarity, the livewritten story at the end of the month." So you'll get a chance to influence what happens in MCM's next novel.

Here are a few pictures of ships from Typhoon and Polarity, to get your creative juices flowing. Give us your best news from tomorrow!