It's So Damn Cold, So Let's Watch a Movie About Summer

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Swimming pools. Cotton candy. Roller coasters. Sunscreen. Summer seems like an infinity away on this dark, cold day, so indulge in some seasonal escapism and watch Adventureland, a lovely summer movie that features Jesse Eisenberg at his most adorkable and Kristen Stewart at her most bearable.


Adventureland takes place the summer after Eisenberg's character, James, graduates from college—the last real summer of his life basically. Until then, summers are promising respites from the monotony of school. After that, summers will simply bleed into the monotony of working life.

When James' parents balk at the expense of his planned European trip, he ends up working at Adventureland instead. Some bad stuff happens. Some good stuff happens. Kirsten Wigg and Bill Hader are funny as hell as the kooky managers of Adventureland.

Between spending time with parents and sleeping in my childhood home, the holidays always force me to reckon with my younger self. Adventureland is a touching portrait of a very specific period of life, that last summer when you're leaving childhood for good. [Amazon, Google Play]

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Platypus Man

Having never seen either movie, I assumed until recently that Adventureland and Zombieland were related (they came out a few months apart, both starred Eisenberg, and have "Land" in the title). Apparently they aren't.