iTunes, iTunes Music Store: Updated To Version 7

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iTunes is the 5th largest reseller of legal music in the US. About to pass Amazon in the first half of next year. iTunes has 88% of legal sales online, as of now. iTunes music stores in 21 countries, number one in each.

Your library section has Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Radio and Audiobooks. Find things easier.

iTunes store has its own section, Devices has its own section, playlists, smart playlists has its own section.

Three view displays on the top right. List view (old view), Album view (album art, scroll through music library by album. Free Album art for all your music just if you have an iTunes account), Cover flow view (Rapidly find what you're looking for by the album. Scroll throgh your album covers horizontally. Works in your library and playlists. Works for TV shows as well.)