iTunes Radio: Apple's Pandora Service Is Finally Here.

After boundless speculation over the last year, Apple has finally announced its online streaming and music discovery service. This is how millions of people will listen to music from now on.

What we're looking at here is a Pandora-like radio service that's built directly into the standard iTunes app across all of Apple's platforms including, iOS 7, OS X, and Apple TV. It's free with advertisements, or you can get it for ad-free if you're an iTunes Match subscriber.


From the demo we saw more or less what we would expect. Artist based radio, a nice tap friendly interface, with voice search, and iCloud integration so that your radio stations sync across all of your devices. If you like a song, Apple will gladly sell it to you through iTunes.

But basically, nothing all that interesting. Still, with all the active iTunes accounts out there, don't be surprised if iTunes Radio is a hit—even if it's not a very exciting one. As always, we'll reserve final judgement until we've had a chance to play with the service. [iTunes]

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