I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Umbrella Technology

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There are some inventions—think umbrellas or nail clippers—that have been somewhat serviceable but hardly perfect. Why can't we find something more effective? Did we all just give up? Athanasia Leivaditou didn't. She wants to create a raincoat with an umbrella hoody.

The problem with umbrellas? You have to freaking hold them. That ties up a hand! Leivaditou's umbrella coat combines the basic raincoat with waterproof pants and an umbrella. You're 100% protected from rain drops and both of your hands are free to do whatever they may please. Carry your groceries. Open your door. High five a stranger. Whatever


Sure, if the wind is blowing, your umbrella hoody might collapse like so many umbrellas do on a rainy day but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Leivaditou's concept looks like it'd be fairly easy to put on too (though I don't know how easy it'd be to store) and covers every inch of your body. Plus, it's sort of prison garb/insane cult stylish, no? [Yanko Design]