The current prototypes of the Free Parasol weigh around 11 pounds and have a flight time of just 20 minutes. Your morning commute may be a lot longer than that, but the umbrella’s designers are confident they can reduce its weight to a lighter two pounds, and expand the flight time to at least an hour. That will certainly vary depending on the weather, however, if the gadget has to battle the constant downforce of falling rain, and the winds that usually accompany a storm.


The Free Parasol is expected to be available as soon as 2019, which seems optimistic, and will come with a bleeding-edge price tag of around $275. At that cost, it’s not the most expensive umbrella you could buy, but it’s still a device you wouldn’t want to leave behind on the subway. Although, this might one day be the first umbrella to autonomously hunt you down if and when it’s forgotten somewhere.

[YouTube via SoraNews24]