I've Been Waiting For Sanyo's Rechargeable Waist and Neck Warmers

I'm weak, so whenever I have to go out in the cold, the only place I'm really cold is my face, because it's not kosher to wear a ninja mask outdoors. Japan disagrees, and thus, a Sanyo neck warmer.

The warmer will be $84 (translated from Japanese Yen), and the waist warmer will be $96, and available in various sizes. Sanyo says that the waist warmer is good for outdoor activities as well as indoor ones, while you're just sitting around. Theoretically the neck warmer is just a neck warmer, but if you turtle your head down, I'm sure you can get covered to at least nose level.


If you want extended warming power, you can also use Sanyo's mobile booster—a separate device—to add life.

These weird warmers usually don't make it out of Japan, so if you're planning a trip there, make sure to get some for your friends. [Sanyo via Crunchgear]

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