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iZombie Trailer Explains What This Odd Undead Series Is All About

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Behold iZombie, the next work from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. While this series is still centered around a girl who solves crimes every episodes, this time the girl is undead. So it's admittedly a little confusing, but finally there's a new trailer to explain it all.

Based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, the series' main character is a zombie named Liv who must eat brains or she loses her ability to think and self-control and starts trying to kill people to get to their tasty brains. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. You see the main character doesn't want to kill people to feed her new habit, so she takes a job at a morgue. The twist? Whenever she eats the brains she absorbs the memories (and some of the habits and talents) of the departed, and of course later uses those memories to solve murders and fight crime, as you do. Truly this zombie is a better person than us all. I would just use them for stock tips.


iZombie will will premiere on March 17th. It looks exceedingly adorable.

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