iZombie's Villain Is Disarmingly Charming For A Dead Guy

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We loved iZombie's pilot, and praise be to the sassy dramedy gods, the second episode was just as good as the first. Mainly thanks to the charm of newly introduced villain David Anders.

Last night, we met iZombie's big bad, and he did not disappoint. Instead of waiting around for multiple episodes for the fiendish villain to finally reveal his true face, our adorable protagonist Liv met her new nemesis Blaine DeBeers (Anders) face-to-face. It was a was a nice change of pace; granted, he didn't walk up and say, "Hi, I'm the bad guy," but he didn't not say that either. Plus, Blaine is just so damn charming. It took only a few seconds to realize that Blaine doesn't just want to poison the masses with his new zombie drug; he wants to build a zombie army that he can later exploit for profit and power. Oh, and the banter possibilities with Blaine and Liv are sky high. Great stuff.

But that wasn't it the only thing to love about this new episode, Liv's special zombie powers were taken to new highs. As you know, when Liv eats the brains of a murder victim, she doesn't just absorb their memories, but also some of their traits, talents, and habits. This week the victim was a painter, so when Liv consumed his brain bits, she also picked up his lust for, erm, life.


And thus super flirtatious Liv was born. We could not get enough of Liv flirting with just about every single person of interest throughout the whole episode.


But more importantly, Liv also acquired (albeit briefly) the famous dead painter's passion for living, awakening her previously dulled zombie senses. Her flavorless life was transformed and she became excited again. So excited that she painted, got flirty and even tried to rekindle things with her ex-fiance, Major. In a sad twist, he basically told Liv to shove off (you can't put Major in the corner), but all good Rob Thomas series have a great pining, sort of "hands off" romance. This surely won't be the last we see of Major, and presumably not the last we'll see of Liv using brains to regain a little sense of her past life. Overall, I was more interested in Liv and the new zombie villain than the actual murder. But it was fun to watch her re-experience emoting all over again.