In my household of two, I buy a bag of groceries at a time. Instead of taking up my kitchen with a huge refrigerator filled with molding leftovers, I prefer the idea something smaller.

The Izona CoolDrawer—similar to offerings from Norcool—is a fashionable compromise over one of those crappy mini fridges that froze your beer through college. With a facade that can match your cabinetry, the entire fridge takes up one small section under the counter. And while the sci-fi-inspired adjustable temperature drawer system won't fit a whole cow of meat, it even manages to accommodate tall items like wine bottles without shattering glass.


While the CoolDrawer appears to be a real planned product, I'm not sure if it's available yet. I am certain, however, that your overpriced interior decorator will have a solid company contact. Also, she's totally right in regards to your "curtain situation." [Izona via Core77]

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