Jabra Solemate Review: This Fresh Looking Bluetooth Speaker Won't Party

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Jabra's new Solemate Bluetooth speaker looks like the fancy sneakers your favorite rappers wear. But does it sound good? And more important—can it party?


What Is It?

A $200 Bluetooth speaker with a built-in speakerphone.

Who's it For?

People who care more about how audio gear looks than how it sounds.


It really does look like a sneaker! The included 3.5mm auxiliary could be a a shoelace, and it's got a rugged looking rubber sole. Solemate—get it?


Using It

The Solemate pairs with your phone or computer in under ten seconds. The little strap on the speaker's heel makes a good handle—and you'll want to carry it around, because it's hardly loud enough to really fill a room with sound.

The Best Part

The Solemate is elegant, like a club that has chandeliers instead of strobes. It feels pleasing to touch. The word "fresh" comes to mind.


Tragic Flaw

The speaker can't pump the volume loud enough to really get down. We couldn't hear it over a small group of people.


This Is Weird...

When you're waiting for the speaker to pair, it talks to you and plays shrugworthy electronic music.

Illustration for article titled Jabra Solemate Review: This Fresh Looking Bluetooth Speaker Wont Party

Test Notes

  • Tested on the the roof of Gizmodo HQ over the course of an evening as we entertained guests.
  • We've definitely gotten more bass out of cheaper Bluetooth speakers.
  • We never used the built-in speakerphone to make calls. Does anybody ever use those?
  • Even after lugging and tossing it around for a night the speaker didn't show any wear.

Should You Buy It?

Maybe for the eye candy. But not for the funk. Bluetooth audio quality isn't great in general, and you can get a bluetooth speaker for less than $100. If you're going to spend more, the speaker better bring you some otherworldly satisfaction.


We wanted to love this speaker. It had plenty of fashion, but it left us with frustration.


Jabra Solemate

• Price: $200
Gizrank: 2.5


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Harry Sawyers

Would you ever pay $200 for a Bluetooth speaker, even an excellent one?