Jajah VoIP Lets You Call on Your PSP

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We've written about Jajah here before. It's essentially a VoIP calling solution you initiate by plugging in two phone numbers into a web page. If both numbers are Jajah subscribers, the call is free. If not, you pay a small (but slightly higher than Skype or calling card) fee.


Now Jajah's taken their mobile web page and made it PSP compatible. Now, this doesn't quite mean that you can make calls with your PSP. It just means you can use your PSP with Wi-Fi and initiate a Jajah call to go to your cellphone. Useful if you're using a really old phone that doesn't have at least a WAP browser.

PSP (PlayStation Portable) gamers around the globe: Call with JAJAH! [Jajah]


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Yes, because the built in audio/video player and game capabilities add zip to it's playability. Hell, I'd own a PSP for the sake of being able to play PS1 games on it, if I played any portable console.