Jane Foster's Back as Thor In the Comics, Just in Time for the Movies

It was only a matter of time before Jane came back in all her Mighty glory.

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Jane Foster as Thor and Thor Odinson in the cover for Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #1.
Image: Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

Big Two comics love to make sure their characters are lined up with their live action counterparts whenever a new movie or show is close to release. With Thor: Love & Thunder a couple of months away from hitting theaters, Marvel’s announced that Jane Foster will spend some time going back to the thunderous title she first inherited back in 2014.

Before the weekend, Marvel announced a new five-part miniseries, Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor. The new comic from writer Torunn Grønbekk and artist Michael Dowling will see Jane (who’s been a Valkyrie for the last few years if you haven’t kept up) team up with the God of Thunder to stop a variety of Asgardian villains (including Enchantress, Hela, and Ulik the troll) from attacking Thor’s home. Despite how using Mjolnir nearly killed her by exacerbating her cancer in the past, Jane can’t help but take up the mantle of the Mighty Thor and work with her friend to push them back.

The hammer’s undergone some changes since Jane last picked it up. In the current Thor solo by Donny Cates and Nic Klein, Mjolnir’s essence was fused with Mangog after Jane gave up her Thor powers by using Mjolnir to throw the beast into the sun. In the pages of the current “God of Hammers” arc, Thor had to pick up his father’s incredibly powerful weapon the Odinsword to bring Mangog down, and he’ll be using it in this miniseries while Jane takes up the reforged Mjolnir.

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Image: Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

Superheroes leave and pick up their mantles with a good amount of frequency, and given that Jane Thor wound up becoming very popular, it’s possible that she’ll keep the hammer once this miniseries is all said and done. With multiple Spider-Men, Wolverines, and Daredevils running around in the comics, it feels like Marvel’s become more comfortable with heroes sharing names than they were a few years back. And since the MCU’s slowly bringing in more legacy heroes through Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova, and Sam Wilson as Captain America, it feels right that Jane get some comics to go along with her thunderous big screen promotion.


Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor will begin this June.

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